English Camp XIV

Written by Pentadbir.

The Department of English at the Faculty of Languages and communications is organizing English Camp VIX. This year's program takes place on 8th to 25th April 2013 involving 57 semester 3 students and 65 semester 4 students in a total of 123 participants from Diploma in TESL students. The activity is divided into two parts, namely the indoor and outdoor camp. Among the indoor activities planned are motivational talk, visit and much more. The outdoor camp will take place in Angulia Beach Resort which involves activities such as treasure hunt competition, Short Drama and Campfire Story. The activities require the students to be competitive, creative yet critical, where teamwork and cooperation are necessary. Through teamwork and assumed responsibility, it is hoped that students will be able to enhance their English communication and leadership ability at the same time inculcating a sense of belonging among them. For the first time, 24 students from the Faculty of Humanity and Social Sciences (HUSO) of Prince of Songkla University (PSU) participate in this program.

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