English Language Sharing 2013

Written by FBK.

The final sharing session for 2013 ended with Mr Engku Suhaimi Engku Atek’s talk on Multiple Choice Questions on 29th October 2013. The interactive session consisted of topics on constructing good MCQ questions along with its benefits and drawbacks. He recommends that a well-prepared MCQ can be used to test a wide array of topics to a large number of students for quick marking and feedback. Although MCQ is easy to administer, it is a challenge to prepare good distractors (wrong answers) and stems (the questions).

Mr Engku Suhami also provided the staff with an exercise to promote thinking and discussion. The 13 participants included the Head of Department, Madam Kamariah Yunus as well as experienced teacher, Mr Rosdi Abd Rahman. They added their views and comments regarding the validity and reliability of multiple choice questions.

Prepared by: Azimah Shurfa Mohammed Shukry

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