English Language Sharing 2014

Written by FBK.

For the start of the New Year, the FBK staff was treated to a stimulating 50-minute session during the English Language Sharing Session with Dr Mohd Nazri bin Latiff Azmi, the Dean of the Faculty of Languages and Communication. His talk entitled ‘Visual Literature in Developing Literacy’ was an introduction to an innovative way of teaching and appreciating poetry where literature goes hand in hand with visual interpretation.

Dr Nazri retold the staff of his trip to USA in 2012 where the method was first introduced to him. The trip brought him to visit a slum area in San Francisco where the participants exercised their poetry writing skills by creating a poem based on the murals they saw on buildings.  He also visited a school where paintings were done on buildings by students and teachers based on poems that proved to be an exciting way of appreciating literature and the English language lessons.

Dr Nazri’s hope is that this method of teaching literature can be introduced to stimulate the minds and creativity of local pupils and teachers to enjoy literature as a sensorial experience, rather than a dry academic subject. Teachers can therefore provide the visual for the students, or provide a poem for the students to interpret through their drawings.

The session was attended by 15 lecturers and two English language teachers from Knowledge Enhancement Centre (PPI).

Prepared by: Azimah Shurfa Mohammed Shukry

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