English Camp XV

Written by Pentadbir.



Highlights from Indoor English Camp XV

The month of June sparked its light on the first day with the 15th Annual English Camp. The camp is organised by the Faculty of Languages and Communication for TESL students (Semester 4). English Camp XV, bearing the motto ‘Pushing the Limit’ was held indoors (at Umar 01 and 02 and the Arts and Heritage Centre) from 1st of June until 11th of June, and outdoor at Merang Suria Resort from 12th June until 14th June 2014. Sixty-seven TESL students participated as they attempt to push the frontiers of their ability and competence through various activities of role-playing, games, public speaking, hands-on workshop, trips and many more.

English Camp is a compulsory subject with several objectives that include helping students to be able to communicate in English effectively, as well as instill cooperation and leadership qualities amongst students. This camp also aims to develop creative and critical thinking skills. From the get-go, teamwork and cooperation were emphasised as the fabrication of the marking system. Each session was designed with their respective objectives. The demerit system was also implemented to ensure punctuality, use of the English language, group responsibility and accountability. 


On the first day of English Camp, the students participated in the first activity, ‘Dream Team’. In this activity, the students were assigned groups and had to come up with a group name, a logo on a flag and a team chant. The groups named themselves Phoenix, No Limit, Sirius, Lollipop, Extraordinary, Force Flowers, Zealous, Blood Sisters and Infinite.

The camp continued with various activities for the next ten days. Among the prominent activity is ‘Future Journalist’. The slot required students to adopt the character of journalists and deliver the news. In the ‘Grammar Chant’ activity, the teams had to create their very own jazz chant focusing on a particular aspect of grammar. Using their own creativity and originality, the grammar chant was then presented by each team with beats and melodies.  Another highlight was ‘Campus News Satire’. It was held to bring out the hidden talent within students and provoke their sense of humor and ability to critically analyse situations. The activity required the students to perform a sketch based on the scenario or issues on University life and present it in a satirical manner.

On Monday, 9th June, the students attended a workshop conducted by Madam Mahani Mohamad. The workshop aimed to enlighten the students on the many educational technology tools available that can be helpful in the students’ teaching practicum later on. For the hands-on activity that followed after, the students attempted to make a digital storybook.

On 10th June 2014, Tuesday, the students went on a field trip to the city of Kuala Terengganu. The students visited Bukit Puteri, Pasar Payang and Chinatown. Students were assigned to interview local citizens and foreigners about Kuala Terengganu and this challenged the students to go out of their comfort zone and communicate with the people in public.

On the final day in UniSZA, the students put their acting skills to the test in the activity ‘Act 1, Scene 1’. Each group had to reenact a scene adapted from Malay films into an English sketch using their creativity. All the students were well prepared with their props and scripts. The best sketches were then chosen to compete at the final round. The four competing groups chosen for the final round performed English translated scenes from ‘Badang’, ‘Madu Tiga’ (Three Wives), ‘Pendekar Bujang Lapuk’ (The Three Bachelor Warriors) and ‘Demi Masa’ (For the Sake of Time).

With this English Camp, it is hoped that students find confidence in communicating in English, cooperate amongst themselves, develop leadership qualities and also develop creative and critical thinking skills.



By Huda Bahruddin and Nur Farina Zainol Aman 

Edited and compiled by: Azimah Shurfa Mohammed Shukry 

Pictures by: Mohd Fauzi Abdul Hamid 



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Highlights from Outdoor English Camp XV

English Camp Outdoor, Merang Suria, 12-14 June.

This year’s outdoor English Camp was held in Merang Suria Resort from 12th June until 14th June 2014.  Language-based activities like Hot Seat, Crazy Comic, Charade were conducted, as well as activities that required physical strength (TESL Educational Race) and advanced preparation (Western Dikir and Campfire Story).

The night of Nisfu Syaaban on 12th June also saw the students and lecturers gather together for an Evening of TESL Selawat which were conducted by Ustaz Majdan bin Paharal Radzi, Ustaz Mohamad Azizie bin Aziz and Ustaz Muzammir bin Anas from FBK. The evening ended with dinner and barbeque with Associate Prof Dr. Mohd Nazri bin Latiff Azmi, Dean of FBK and Madam Kamariah Yunus, Head of English Language Centre as guests.

At the Closing Ceremony, Madam Azimah Shurfa, Head of English Camp gave a speech and Dr. Mohd Nazri delivered the Closing Ceremony speech. The awards ceremony saw each team perform their team chant one last time, as well as a team winning performance of Western Dikir by team Infinite. The teams members were garbed in yellow and a head dress as they performed a dikir that summarised the English Camp experience with the theme ‘Pushing the Limit’. Guests included the deputy deans, head of language centres and lecturers.

This year, Special Awards were also issued to Best Team Chant as voted by the lecturers and Two Outstanding Campers as voted by the students.

English Camp is a unique language-learning experience for students to push beyond their comfort zone and work hard to achieve their goals. All of the sessions were designed to instill leadership qualities, team work, problem-solving skills and soft skills. It is highly expected that the outcome of this camp will witness a whole new different batch of students who possess the qualities and skills needed to move forward and serve the society well in the future.


The list of winning teams are as follows:




  1. Dream Team

1st place: Sirius

2nd place: Lollipop

3rd place: Extraordinary


      2. Home Shopping

1st place: Extraordinary

2nd place: No Limit

3rd place: Zealous


     3. Grammar Chant

1st place: Sirius

2nd place: No Limit

3rd place: Blood Sisters 


      4. Act 1 Scene 1

1st place: Phoenix

2nd place: Extraordinary

3rd place: Force Flowers


     5. Campus News Satire

1st place: Force Flowers

2nd place:  Blood Sisters

3rd place: Phoenix



     6. Crazy Comic

1st place: No Limit

2nd place: Infinite

3rd place: Zealous


      7. Treasure Hunt

1st place: Sirius

2nd place: Blood Sisters

3rd place: Lollipop


      8. Western Dikir

 1st place: Infinite  

2nd place: Force Flowers  

3rd place: Zealous


      9. Campfire Story

1st place: Zealous

2nd place: Lollipop

3rd place: No Limit


The winning overall team were as follows:


1st place: Sirius

2nd runner up: Extraordinary

3rd runner up: No Limit



 Outstanding Camper:

 1st place: Nur Farina Zainol Aman (Blood Sisters)

2nd place: Siti Aisyah Ramli (Infinite)



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By: Azimah Shurfa Mohammed Shukry and Nur Farina Zainol Aman

Pictures by: Mohd Fauzi Abdul Hamid 



Highlights from ‘Speaking with Confidence’ with Toastmaster Malaysian Club


As part of this year’s English Camp, the Faculty of Languages and Communication organised a special slot for participants of English Camp XV entitled ‘Speaking with Confidence’ on 3rd  of June, 2014. The programme held at UniSZA Auditorium, Academic Building was attended by sixty-seven TESL as well as FBK lecturers.

The invited speakers from the Toastmaster Malaysian Club were Madam Zaharah bt Ibrahim and Mr. Abu Bakar bin Ngah who delivered a lecture and conducted the Q and A Session. This programme was designed to enhance the confidence of students in public speaking and allowed them to practice delivering a good speech.  After the talk, the students were divided in groups to have their take at impromptu speeches which were monitored by different speakers from Toastmasters. The activity, which took over two hours ended with comments and feedbacks from judges, and a surprise prize-giving ceremony for the top public speakers. The Faculty would like to extend gratitude to Madam Azizah Endut for inviting the speakers to the University.


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By: Ainur Rafeqah Norharidan

Pictures by: Mohd Fauzi Abdul Hamid