Meeting with TESL Students at Tembila Campus

Written by Pentadbir.


The TESL Diploma students from the Faculty of Languages and Communication have moved to the Sultan Zainal Abidin Campus beginning the 1st February. 99 students were involved in this massive transfer accompanied with three lecturers from the faculty. Therefore, a short meeting between the Faculty lecturers and the TESL students were held on Thursday, 5th of March. A number of 30 lecturers had departed from the Gong Badak Campus as early as 7.30 am in order to reach the Tembila Campus on time for the meeting.

The meeting session which was held at 11.00 am was conducted smoothly. It started with a brief but complete report of the students' study and living condition by the Coordinator, Puan Mairas Abd. Rahman. In this session, students were also given the opportunity to share their experience of moving to a new place and environment which is a bit far away and different from where they used to be i.e. Gong Badak Campus. Most students expressed their relief for getting the chance to know their course mates better compared to before. Nevertheless, there are also problems especially their living condition such as accommodation and difficulty to find food and this matter is taken into consideration by the Dean. The meeting session ended at 1.00 pm.