Stairway to Jannah

Written by Pentadbir.



TESL Diploma students from the Faculty of Languages and Communication had held a spiritual program, "Stairway to Jannah" on the 10th and 11th April. These two days and one night program was held at Tembila Campus in Besut. These two days and one night program was held at Tembila Campus in Besut. 99 TESL students were involved in this program together with supportive TESL program coordinator, Madam Mairas Binti Abd Rahman, lovely and energetic Miss Safawati Basirah Binti Zaid, awesome and fatherly Ustaz Wan Abdul Hayyi Bin Wan Omar, and not to forget, motherly Madam Wahidah Binti Wahid
      The one hour talk for each sessions entitled "A Teacher: Prophet Muhammad SWT", "HAKADA (hamba, khalifah, daie)" and "HUBBE (love)", were given by invited speaker, Mr Aiman al Banna from International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). On Friday, the event began at 9.00 am with a short speech by the leader of TESL 3 student, Muhammad Amir Faris Bin Mohd Asri and followed by the launching speech by Assoc. Prof. Dr Mohd Nazri Bin Latiff Azmi. All female students performed the Zuhur prayer together after the first slot. Various activities were held such as outdoor activities, performing Maghrib, Isyak and Subuh together, Qiamulail, as well as tazkirah sessions from Ustaz Wan Abdul Hayyi and Ustaz Aminudin.
     The second day of the program started at 9.30 am with a 'Question and Answer' session by Mr Aiman Al Banna. In this session, the students were given the opportunity to share their experiences and opinions as Muslim teenagers. From the slot, we could see that TESL students want to know more about their duty as teenagers, students, and members of the society, especially as good Muslims. This program has made them to realize that it is not easy to be a good Muslim. After the program, we could see that many TESL students are embracing change through their attire, personality and behavior. This program was a complete accomplishment and many express their wanting for a parallel agenda in the future.


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Prepared by,
Yasmin Ayesha bt Mohamed @ Md Nor,
Head Asisstant,
Stairway to Jannah Program