A Weekend in English (AWiE@BESUT 2015)

Written by Pentadbir.



Last October 16th 2015 (Friday), a program called "A Weekend in English" or AWiE was held at UniSZA Tembila Campus. The main objective of this program is to motivate students to speak English confidently. A total of 16 facilitators from Diploma Tesl Semester 5 and 44 students from three different schools (SMK Tengku Mahmud, SMK Nasiruddin Shah and SMA Maarif) involved in the program.
        There were three activities held for that half-a-day program, namely "My Happy Family", "Deserted Island", and "The Masterpiece". All activities required the participants to communicate in English language for them to be able to complete the tasks given. The facilitators always make sure that the participants interact actively in group discussion. The use of props, music and other realia really helped to uplift the atmosphere. The final activity was rated the best by the participants because they were able to express their feelings about the program in the mural drawings.
         In conclusion, this program was very beneficial to both facilitators and students because the facilitators got the chance to practise their teaching/facilitating skills, while the students got the chance to use English language besides improving their critical thinking/ problem solving skills. However, the most important thing that was gained from this program was the inimitable bond and connection that grew throughout the programme between the facilitators and the students.


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