Enrich My English Language 2017

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The inaugural programme of "Enrich My English Language" or EMEL was officially launched by Deputy Vice Chancelor (Academic and International), the honourable Profesor Dr. Mahadzirah binti Mohamad on 12 October 2017. EMEL is a manifestation of one of the English flagship programmes in Malaysia, and is also one of the English programmes organized by the Faculty of Languages and Communication (FBK) for UniSZA's English Ecosystem. This programme aims at producing students who can use English language confidently in both academic and occupational sectors, as well as enhancing their interpersonal skills in dealing with the society at large by using English.

The top management of UniSZA has commissioned the FBK, in collaboration with the Faculty of General Studies and Advanced Education (FUPL), to establish a programme to meet the above objectives. With the full support of the university management and a good collaborative work from the two faculties, four modules were produced to cater for the need of the students in improving their English language. The four modules are Public Speaking, English on Campus, English for Fun, and English in Action.

There are 120 undergraduate students as participants from the seven faculties of Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin, in which their selection is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The programme lasts for 12 weeks, starting from 21 September till 14 December 2017, every Thursday at 2 to 5 pm. Throughout the programme, the participants will be facilitated by 64 highly competent and well-trained facilitators from semester three and five degree students majoring in Bachelor of English with Communication at FBK. They had undergone a rigorous and comprehensive training programme called "Training of Trainers" (ToT) on 13 and 14 September 2017 before, a week before the programme started.

In order to ensure the progress and participants' achievements, an assessment is also administered at the end of every session. A thoroughly assessed assessment form is distributed to participants in order to get some feedback on the activities held from the perspectives of the activities conducted, the effectiveness and resourcefulness of the facilitators in conducting the activities and above all, to get some suggestions and recommendations from the participants on how to improve this programme in the future.

As highlighted by the UniSZA's deputy vice chancellor during the launching ceremony of this EMEL programme, the participants of this programme are expected to take on a role as 'agents of change' among UniSZA students to practice and use English as it is often considered as difficult to be acquired. In this way, other students will be moved to use English at all times and situations. Indeed, by organizing this fun and joyful English programme in a non-threatening environment, it will become a catalyst for other university students to join this programme in future, thus fulfilling the hope and desire of the university to develop excellent human capital, especially in the mastery of the English language.
Let's join us. English is Fun.


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