English Camp 2018

Written by Pentadbir.




English Camp (BIT21803), a subject offered to all students undergoing diploma in TESL programme, took place from 14 to 25 January 2018. Although the course was compulsory for all TESL 6 students, it also received participation from Prince of Songkla University, Thailand as part of UniSZA international mobility programme. The camp was divided into two phases: indoor and outdoor. The indoor phase was held at UniSZA Gong Badak campus whereas its outdoor phase was held at Angulia Beach Resort, Marang.

Among the objectives of the course are to inculcate in students the importance of team work and to enhance students' communication skills through various fun-filled activities including drama, Western Dikir, and dream team. The students were also taken to Teltrec IPG for a sharing session with Bachelor in TESL students at IPG Kampus Dato Razali.

The closing ceremony, marked the end of the camp, was officiated by Madam Nur Salina Ismail on behalf of the Dean of the Faculty of Languages and Communication. Among the attendees were Encik Husen Sawal, representative from PSU and PPBI lecturers.

Based on informal reports gathered, the camp has achieved its objectives. The participants reported that they enjoyed the activities conducted throughout the 2-week programme.


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