Setulus Kasih Seindah Memori

Written by Pentadbir.




After dedicating half her life educating the nation, Pn Sharifah Nor Madiah Syed Omar finally bade farewell to all of us at UniSZA on 15 September, 2018. Known as someone who is very dedicated and committed towards the profession, she held various administrative positions ranging from coordinator to deputy dean at the Faculty of Languages and Communication. Personally, she is a good and pleasant colleague to work with.

A farewell party to commemorate her retirement was thrown on the 4th of September, 2018 at AM Transit Inn. It was attended by past and present FBK staff who were there for an affectionate send off.

The faculty would like to express our sincere appreciation to Puan Sharifah Nor Madiah Syed Omar for the many years of unselfish service. All the best and may Allah bless you and family with good health and prosperity.


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