Written by Pentadbir.



On 13 July 2019, the Faculty Of Languages and Communication received 76 students from Turkey for the English Immersion Mobility Programme, which is a student exchange programme between UniSZA and TUGVA, Turkish Youth Organization. The programme is aimed at providing an environment where participants can experience language and cultural enrichment. During the 6 week programme, various language and cultural activities, mostly led by student facilitators were conducted. Among the activities include; charade, treasure hunt, and debate. In addition, the participants were also taken to various interesting places such as Batu Caves, Kenyir, Islamic civilization park, Kg Cina, and Kg Awek, Besut.

The participants also had the opportunity to try their hand at playing traditional musical instrument, gamelan. A closing ceremony, attended by the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Student Affairs), Assoc. Prof Dr. Mohd Afendi was held where guests were treated to a number of cultural performances.

Based on the feedback given by the students, they believe that the programme was beneficial as they were able to improve their confidence level in using English and gain new life experience.


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