Vision and Mission

Written by Pentadbir.


The Faculty of Languages and Communication strives to produce credible pioneers in the various fields in language and communication through continuous creative and innovative efforts.


The faculty strives to be an academic centre of excellence by uplifting the quality of education and research in language and communications fields in line with national and international needs.

Aim of the Faculty

The faculty aims to be a provider of competent workforce as communicators which are influential in whatever field they endeavor in; at the same time giving opportunity to those intending to improve their skills in language.

Objectives of the Faculty

The faculty was established to:

  • Produce graduates who are knowledgeable and competent in  language and communication.
  • Train graduates with various communication and language skills who will contribute positively to the human capital needs (of the nation).
  • Plan to uphold the status of the Malay language and strengthen the functions of English and other foreign languages.
  • Become the focal point to the advancement of research in the fields of language and communication.