Centre Of English Language Studies

Written by Pentadbir.

Centre of English Language Studies is one of the centres under the Faculty of Languages and Communication. It offers two programmes - Diploma in Teaching of English as a Second Language (TESL) which aims to help train students to be future teachers in teaching English as a second language, and Bachelor of English with Communication (Honours) which has just recently obtained its accreditation from the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). The two programmes aim to cater for the needs of the country in multi-sectors, especially in education and communication.
Some sectors of employments have been identified to receive our highly qualified graduates such as in teaching lines, public relations, human resource management, broadcasting, journalism, translation, etc.
As well as the undergraduate programmes offered above, this centre also extensively offers postgraduate programmes in English Language Studies for the Master's and Doctor of Philosophy levels. Some disciplines such as TESL, English Language Studies (ESL), Literature, Corpus Linguistics, and Semantics, to name a few, are offered for the postgraduate programmes.
Currently, our centre is also looking forward to setting some new programmes related to English language that can cater for the current need of the country.
With experiences and full commitment of our dedicated lecturers, it is hoped that the Centre of English Language Studies will be a catalyst to help students spur and master English language to enable them to compete in this challenging globalised world.